Sergey Sorokin: AI would not substitute doctors


Sergey Sorokin: AI would not substitute doctors

Driving, writing articles and detecting fraudulent transactions are not an AI’s limit. It is becoming more and more popular in medicine. As BIS Research predicts, AI market value would reach $28 b in 2025 with its share in medical imaging and diagnostics of $2.5 b.

In his interview, CEO and Founder of Botkin.AI, a speaker at M‑Health Congress Sergey Sorokin dwelled on the role of AI in healthcare nowadays, shared predictions about AI in cancer diagnostics and provided drawbacks preventing AI algorithm development and application in Russian medicine.

Recently, a Google’s AI algorithm has learnt to detect cardiovascular diseases by using scans of the retina. What diseases does your company diagnose?

Our company produced a licensed AI-based technology of developing mathematical models for patient representation, which gives an opportunity to create various products for diseases diagnostics and disease development risks. Today, we are launching pilot projects capable of lung cancer detecting by means of computer tomography scans. Our company is going to start a test project to recognize breast cancer examining mammography results. Moreover, our company plans to release products analyzing electronic medical records to evaluate risks of diseases development as well as monitor medical care.

What other practical problems of healthcare can AI solve, particularly Botkin.AI?

AI is now actively used in healthcare. The most popular spheres are analysis of disease development risks, diagnostics, lifestyle monitoring, drug design and testing, clinic resources management. Artificial intelligence can also serve as a chatbot.

Our technology of models developing can be used for any tasks related to patient information. We have learned to work with any medical data such as biomedical imaging, for instance. However, taking into account an expensive research and development process, our specialists pay attention only to products for diagnostics, analysis of disease development risks and pharma companies needs.

Have you carried out medical research using Botkin.AI? What results have you achieved?

Russia still lacks a legal framework for AI-based clinical research and product certification. We are likely to be pioneers in going through certification as soon as this option appears in the country.

What inspired you to name the project after Sergey Botkin?

Sergey Petrovich Botkin appears one of the founders of medical science. He was the first ethnically Russian physician appreciated in the high society - both Tsar Alexander II and Tsar Alexander III.

In his philosophy, Sergey Botkin viewed the human organism as a single whole that has an indissoluble connection with its environment. Botkin’s clinical concept is mainly based upon the teachings on internal mechanisms of pathological condition development in the organism.

Botkin’s dream was to devote his life to mathematics. Only circumstances prevented his enrollment in the Faculty of Mathematics at the Moscow University. The name of our project Botkin.AI is a tribute to the great Russian doctor who had a dream of becoming a mathematician.

Will people need doctors in the future? In other words, is it possible that AI robots would substitute them, which is currently happening with deliverymen and operators?

AI would not substitute doctors. I see it as a valuable medical assistant that also improves qualification of medical staff.

Looking for details on AI-based diagnostics and analysis of disease development risks? Would like to ask Sergey Sorokin additional questions? Visit M-Health Congress on April 3 in Moscow.

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