Joint experiment by M-Health Congress 2017 and Welltory brought out interesting results!


Joint experiment by M-Health Congress 2017 and Welltory brought out interesting results!

Is it possible to change habits and improve performance using a single mobile gadget? Our experiment is intended to answer this question. It was announced two weeks ago, and we would like to share its first results.

What was it all about?

At the first stage of the experiment, its main participant – Svetlana Fominykh – had a goal to increase her strength. In other words, Svetlana wanted to be more energetic and ‘teach’ her body to cope with stress better.

For this purpose, our heroine every day measured the main health parameters using Welltory clip. Special attention was paid to two features: ‘battery’ and ‘stress’.

‘Battery’ is one of the Welltory’s functions, which shows the strength reserve available for self-restoration. If the charge level is high, it means that the organism is coping with stress quickly and without serious consequences for itself. This parameter is influenced by leisure time and lifestyle. The better they are, the higher is the battery charge, and vice versa.

‘Stress’ is a function of Welltory clip, which shows the physiological strain of the body at a specific time. It demonstrates how well a person copes with daily pressure both at work and in private life.

What results were obtained during the period of 19.03-02.04 (the first two weeks of the experiment):

  • average number of steps per day – 8200;
  • sleep time – 7 hours 30 minutes;
  • average battery level –  90%;
  • stress – 12%.

To increase the battery level, Svetlana tried to take a bath with aroma oils every evening, do self-massage, and meditate before going to bed whenever possible. The findings showed that during the period of March 20-26 (immediately after the start of the experiment) the battery level increased by two points, and starting from March 27 it grew by another four points.

Which correlations were found:

  • the amount of sleep directly influences the human energy levels during the day and stress resistance. For example, 8-8.5 hours of sleep increase energy levels and reduce stress. And if you sleep less than 7 hours, the stress index increases.

Comprehensive organism diagnostics, conducted using the clip on March 27, revealed that:

  • Heart rate variability level is high, which indicates of good health. The heart capacity is high.
  • Svetlana has a sufficient potential to mobilize, meaning that her organism features enough powers to respond to stress on time.

A slight overstrain of the organism is observed, but in general, the organism restores the energy well and is strained to the extent required to cope with various stressful situations.

Further plans

For the next two weeks, Svetlana will work to increase the productivity – her main goal. Two experiments will be held for this purpose, the findings of which will be announced later.

Please note: you will be able to find detailed information, experiment results and the personal view of our heroine on its dynamics at M-Health Congress 2017 only. Take the chance and register to participate in the event. We assure you that it will be interesting!

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