New app returns voice to patients affected by larynx removal


New app returns voice to patients affected by larynx removal

Russian experts designed a technology that can help patients to recover after larynx and laryngopharynx removal. This innovation was developed in Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics in association with the Research Institute of Oncology. It provides speech functional recovery for oncology patients after surgery. Over 25 thousand people who suffered laryngeal cancer require this technology.        

The app that recovers vocal functions was created on the basis of modern technologies and software applied in Tomsk Research Institute of Oncology.   

The app easily estimates volume and timeline. Measuring voice tone frequency caused some difficulties. The mistake in this process prevents researchers from conducting the rehabilitation. When the larynx is removed, frequency decreases to 20 Hz. However, the natural rate for men is 150 Hz. Therefore, it is very important to control voice frequencies and their quality on each stage. Nowadays the amount of main voice frequencies definition mistakes is 1-3%. 15 milliseconds are enough for the app to show whether the patient can say a 50-millisecond phrase in the required frequency.      

This development allowed to decrease a rehabilitation period to 8-22 days, which previously has lasted for 2-4 months.

Currently experts are completing the interface and software system for launching on all computers. 


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