Teladoc: Free yourself from waiting in a queue to a doctor


Teladoc: Free yourself from waiting in a queue to a doctor

What if you don't have to wait in a queue to a doctor anymore? The biggest telehealth company in USA is trying to make the dream come true.

According to Teladoc website, 20 million people already use telemedicine services. Patient does not need to pre-register, go to clinic and wait in a queue to get a doctor's appointment.

Using the service, you can get an advice within 10 minutes after the request. There are about 3 thousand qualified therapists, dermatologists and other specialists in the database. They can diagnose health problems such as colds, flu, allergies, ear infections, rashes and others.

Telemedicine saves time and resources. For example, doctor does not need to rent or buy a room anymore.

Despite the fact that telemedicine is becoming more popular, Teladoc still does not make large profit. The doctor’s registration generates more profit than a percentage of patient visits. However, Teladoc team does not despair. It is the largest service now, and if Teladoc attracts more solvent customers, business will get rolling.


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