Telemedicine in action: successful examples of technology implementation


Telemedicine in action: successful examples of technology implementation

According to statistics, 80% of patients do not need to be transported to hospitals. Instead, it is important to consult them and give advice on the correct treatment. And rapid decision-making is very important in some situations. For example, if a person will be provided with necessary aid within 60 minutes after a stroke, the prospect of recovery increases significantly. It is telemedicine that allows you to connect with qualified physicians quickly and consult them in real time mode.



How telemedicine already saves lives

Foreign doctors have long been practicing remote treatment. One of the first applications of telemedicine dates back to 1988, when the earthquake happened in Armenia. Local doctors have contacted foreign colleagues, and then 40% of the initial diagnoses and 25% of the assigned treatment were changed. In such a way more experienced doctors were able to save hundreds of lives despite the distance.

In 2012, on the basis of the Russian Research Institute of Urology, project was launched. 543 people used the remote assistance program. Thanks to remote consultations 100% of the patients were taken to hospitals timely, with half of them got urgent operations.

In 2012, telemedicine center was opened in Lipetsk. It has united all hospitals in the area in one single system. New technologies bring the benefit of remote consultations and provide timely care to the patients with myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome. Moreover, now Lipetsk doctors are able to communicate regularly with their Moscow colleagues and improve their professional skills.

At the same time, developers are launching new mobile health services. For example, telemedicine web platform is successfully used in the Research Institute of Urology. In April, within the M-Health Congress Andrey Tsoy, the Editor in Chief of EverCare service will acquaint visitors of the Congress with such an experience. He'll tell about the service as a tool for clinical decision-making in the field of urology.

Telemedicine and law in Russia

The government of the Russian Federation is preparing a bill that will allow doctors to provide remote consultation. If the bill becomes law, starting from July 1, 2016 Russian doctors will be able to provide electronic prescriptions for many drugs and hold consultations online.

Telemedicine is being developed at a quick pace and when the law is adopted, the use of various innovative gadgets for remote diagnostics and visiting doctors will become a norm in the country.

To learn more about the novelties in the field of health and telemedicine is possible on April 28, 2016 in Moscow within the annual event, M-Health Congress.

M-Health conference will be useful for owners of medical centers and laboratories, equipment manufacturers and software developers, leading doctors and representatives of large international companies that are focused on innovation and mobile technology.

Participation in the Congress requires registration on the official website of the event.

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