TOP-5 personal safety devices


TOP-5 personal safety devices

How often people don’t feel safe if they go home late or suffer from chronic illness? A number of brands have decided to take care of safety and developed wearable emergency response devices.





Wearsafe Tag

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Wearsafe Tag is a wearable device that sends alerts to family members or friends in case of emergency situations.  It connects to the smartphone application via Bluetooth. All contacts stated there receive alerts and GPS coordinates. The application allows tracking location and streaming audio. A button on Wearsafe Tag can be used in situations of health deterioration or seizure. What’s important, it can work 60 meters away from smartphone. 

Ring Nimb with Bluetooth module

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There is a button concealed in the ring. It should be pressed to activate and sends a message with GPS coordinates to preselected contacts. Besides, it sends vibration signals, streams audio and video, tracks location after pressing the button.

Athena accessory for women

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This device than be carried in a purse or used as a brooch or pendent. Athena is activated by pressing a button. It will send alerts to contacts with location coordinates of its wearer. Athena connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth. Moreover, it can work for 3 months on a single charge.

Unusual fitness tracker Pebble Core

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In fact, it is a mini computer not larger than a trinket. It has built in Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, and can stream music from Spotify. Most significantly, Pebble Core sends SOS messages and tracks location.

Apple Watch

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Apple constantly updates functions of smart watches intended for medical and fitness related purposes. Emergency call function has been added to the WatchOS Activity App. It’s called Emergency SOS. Also a new application is offered, called Breathe. It includes a series of breathing exercises, and reminders to make them. Application can send alarms and shows user’s medical parameters on display. 


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