Remote health control: 10 telemedicine services


Remote health control: 10 telemedicine services

In January 2018, Russia approved a law on the application of information technology in the healthcare sector. Nevertheless, the country started using telemedicine opportunities even before that. Reportedly, the first projects in this area appeared in the noughties. But they were unprofitable back then. Equipment and services were expensive, while the novelty of phenomenon drove up the price.        

Currently, the mHealth market offers various services for patients. We have prepared a list of operating apps and websites.

Удалённый контроль за здоровьем: 10 сервисов телемедицины - 2

5. Medved.Telemed offers a system of remote advice of general practitioners, trauma orthopedists, diabetologists, and geneticists via PCs or phones. You can communicate with physicians using the chat or audio and video calls. The Electronic Registration app will allow to make an appointment with a doctor, exchange files, as well as ask for a prescription, an appointment card, or an audit. Moreover, it will remind customers of appointed consultations.            
6. The MegaFon Health app is available not only for users of this operator, but also for clients of any other Russian mobile providers. There is a list of 1000 doctors in 40 specialties. Advice prices are established by clinics where these specialists work. If you are in a rush, you can order immediate advice for 500 RUB. The app will provide you with an electronic medical record as well as a possibility to arrange a visit to a doctor and to receive answers for health questions.        

7. The DocDoc project has a website and a smartphone app. The company offers same-name services. They allow to obtain consultations, appointments, diagnostics, or examination. The desktop version includes sections about physicians (there are almost 10 thousand ones) of various disciplines, clinics, services, and disease guide. Health institutions set prices on their own, and you can get a discount using the service.      

8. The GetDoctor website allows doctors to provide advice, give recommendations, and prepare step-by-step recovery scenarios. It involves GPs, pediatricians, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, and cardiologists. Besides the chat, patients can talk to them by ordering a callback. The price is fixed: 800 RUB for a one-shot consultation, 600 RUB for analyses interpretation. A subscription for 5000 RUB includes 30 pieces of advice with any doctor and a discount on analyses and examination.            

9. The DOC+ service is available as a website and a mobile app. It allows to receive doctor’s recommendations, call a physician to a certain address, arrange an appointment, make analyses or procedures at home, and book drugs at the chemist. It cooperates with 300 doctors in five specialties from 30 clinics. You can call a physician at any time. The service costs 3000 RUB or more depending on a specialist and patient’s location.      

10. The Online Doctor service has a website and a mobile app. An advice price is at least 800 RUB. Physicians will answer your questions, arrange an appointment, read tests, give an alternative opinion on a proven diagnosis and treatment. The information section contains healthcare articles and tips from specialists.     

Mobile healthcare allows both doctors and patients to save time and money, according to Alexander Saverskiy, Head of the Patients Protection League. There are also other telemedicine services besides the above-mentioned ones. We have selected these options based on users’ feedback, and they are definitely efficient.  

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