New app to identify the disease from a photo is now available on App Store


New app to identify the disease from a photo is now available on App Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke of the new VisualDx application during a teleconference with investors and the press. Its task is to identify skin diseases from the photo. The app is available through the Apple App Store, however, Cook explained, initially it was not designed for the average user, the creators developed it to help doctors in identifying the diagnosis.

According to Art Papier, general manager of VisualDx, the application uses iPhone camera to examine the condition of human skin and make a list of possible diagnoses since the fall of 2017.

New symptoms are added to the base with the help of machine learning, it also allows the application to make a list of diagnoses shorter and more accurate. In addition, VisualDx can make a list of factors that caused a specific rash.

Developers plan to expand the application's functions later: users will be able to simply take photos of their bodies, answer additional questions and get information about what diagnoses they may have and whether they should seek medical help immediately. The application does not make a final diagnosis, Papier stressed.


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