M-Health Congress exhibition area to present heart monitoring device – Ritmer


M-Health Congress exhibition area to present heart monitoring device – Ritmer

“Business Incubator Medicine of the Future” LLC will show Ritmer, a device for monitoring cardiac function, in the exhibition area of M-Health Congress.

Ritmer is designed for athletes, healthy people aimed at preventing heart problems, and people with heart rhythm disorders. The gadget allows to recognize the dysfunction on time: it reads the heart rate, determines unusual heart activity, as well as defines the stress level. The monitor is attached to the breast within the heart using ECG sensors or the chest-type belt.

The device sends all gathered data in terms of infographics to the mobile app.

Ritmer features three operational modes: periodic collection, one-time collection, and long-term monitoring.

It reads such criteria as heart rate, irregular heart activity, stress level, and revival period. The breast pulsimeter is synchronized with the mobile device via Bluetooth. The app gives recommendations based on obtained data. Besides, it is able to inform family members of user’s cardiovascular system condition.

In case of emergency (severe heart problems), the device can alert close ones to the danger by phone.

manufacturing company asserts that the tool has a war-time past: it is developed by military engineers at Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies. The gadget was presented to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in 2015.

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