A bionic glove for rehabilitation after injuries has been created in Portugal


A bionic glove for rehabilitation after injuries has been created in Portugal

The Portuguese company Nuada has developed a device that makes superpowers real. Previously, we could see it only in films.

The work of the developers has resulted in a bionic glove with in-built electric tendons. The device is a support system that enables to squeeze and unclench your hand as well as make a lot of basic moves. What is more, it considerably increases the strength of a person.

As reported by the developers, the primary aim of the glove is rehabilitation of people suffering problems with coordination and bones strength caused by diseases or injuries. However, it can also be applied to do heavy physical activities. For example, the glove makes it easier to hold a heavy thing. What is more, less time is spent.

Apart from electric tendons, the device also has several sensors tracking life indices as well as other data on hand activities such as strength, tension, dexterity, etc.

Nuada guarantees that the gadget designed from flexible breathable textile is completely safe and user-friendly. The price of the product has not been specified yet.


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