VR, online support, and Hi-Tech in healthcare: Head of Innovation Unit at TeleMed


VR, online support, and Hi-Tech in healthcare: Head of Innovation Unit at TeleMed

What business problems can be solved by MedTech? This issue will be revealed on March 5 at M-Health Congress by Sergey Kuznetsov, Head of Innovation Unit at TeleMed.

Sergey Kuznetsov has been engaged in the IT industry for 16 years. The expert started with tech support process management and then focused on the infrastructure. In 2015, he became Deputy IT Project Managing Director.

А lot of services developed by Sergey’s team were transferred to businesses, with the part of them serving as White Label. Since 2019, the department of innovative solutions led by the expert has been designing and integrating a video advice service, automating document flow, and developing a mobile app.

Sergey Kuznetsov’s presentation is titled ‘Telemedicine is a laboratory of innovations: MedTech solutions for the corporate sector, startups, and businesses ’. The speaker will examine the following aspects:

  • how the Hi-Tech tool will allow to cut expenses for inefficient VHI and will improve working efficiency regardless an application area;
  • how to enhance HR brand awareness using telemedicine;
  • Healthcare management and Fast Human Med Help in the service of business;
  • How to use online support and virtual reality for staff health maintenance (API and chatbots for service automation).

You will be able to listen to the speaker and ask him questions at M-Health Congress at Technopolis Moscow.

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