Virtual reality changes medicine: modern trends


Virtual reality changes medicine: modern trends

Virtual reality has caught the interest of health care service. Let’s view five new trends in the sphere of health care influenced by technologies. 

Work experience

Simulation and usage of VR simulators for training students allows experiencing different medical situations in safe and calm environment. It helps trainees to overcome fears, gain experience and reduce the likelihood of harming the patient.

Assistance with operations

Opportunities of virtual reality are used during operations for brain mapping. A patient is immersed in virtual environment without points of focus. Doctors control the images and noise, perceived by patient. And after the operation the sight remains intact.

Patients training

Technology allows providing patients with information about diseases, tests and procedures. Companies involve patients in their researches by arranging virtual excursions.

Therapy and pain relief

Virtual reality helps to create conditions for medical therapy after traumatic experiences and for emotional healing. VR games help patients to abstract from procedures, and reduce pain. For people suffering from disseminated sclerosis it is a possibility not to feel lost. Companies also try to help patients after stroke by developing an application for reanimation of paralyzed limbs.

Detailed visualization

Application ‘True 3D’ from EchoPixel visualizes ultrasonography, MRT, and provides a detailed picture of organs’ structure and general idea of the disease. 


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