Why do marketers dealing with the medical sphere need consumer data? Interview with Evgeny Paperny from Mail.Ru Group


Why do marketers dealing with the medical sphere need consumer data? Interview with Evgeny Paperny from Mail.Ru Group

Previously, marketers could only assess, suppose or hypothesize. Currently, they have Big Data and other modern ways of data collection. That is a point of view of Head of Health project at Mail.Ru Group Evgeny Paperny who will speak at the specialized congress. We held a flash interview with the expert to get to know why marketers need to collect data on a target audience of pharmaceuticals.

Interviewer: M-Health Congress (MHC).

Respondent: Evgeny Paperny (Е.P.).

MHC: How difficult is it to collect and analyze data on potential consumers of pharmaceutical products?

Е.P.: It is rather easy on condition that your company has Big Data on 80% of online users across the country and a predictive analytics solutions department with a great team of data scientists. Other cases are much more difficult, of course.

MHC: Why is this information important to marketers?

Е.P.: It’s vital for marketers because the majority of available data was a result of estimates, assumptions, and hypotheses. Today, they have an opportunity to work directly with certain figures of a target audience with no sampling, extrapolation, and hasty generalization.

MHC: What legislative constraints affect medication promotion in the Russian Federation?

Е.P.: I would recommend reading Article 24 of the Federal Law No. 38-FZ ‘On Advertising’. It contains the paragraphs stipulating that advertising should not appeal to minors, deliver an image of medication’s superiority or guarantee its safety and efficacy. These and other actions are prohibited when promoting drugs.

MHC: Why does expensive medication happen to sell better than its cheaper analogs?

Е.P.: People think that cheap medication is not as effective as expensive one or has more side effects. Sometimes these worries are reasonable.

MHC: Please, share details of your presentation at M-Health Congress on March 5.

Е.P.: We will describe our technology of user portrait creation called ‘Serov’. It applies Big Data and machine learning.

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