Results 2015

Post release
Mikhail Tsvetkov
IoT Solutions Architect Intel Corporation

I extend a big thank you for the invitation, organization and holding of the congress dedicated to mobile technologies in healthcare within MATE’2015 at Sokolniki ECC.   

I liked the working atmosphere and participant list very much: almost every presentation was informative and interesting; the hall was full of engaged doctors and IT community representatives. The most remarkable were presentations of Evgeniy Pepernyi from and Yaroslav Ashikhmin (AlfaStrakhovanie Group).      

Based upon active discussions and fresh views, the IT medicine and healthcare (not only mobile) sector is rapidly developing. After my presentation, I get acquainted with at least seven interesting people. I’m sure that the IT applications market in healthcare will actively grow in years to come and will accumulate business and society attention. Thanks again.         

Yaroslav Ashikhmin
MD, PhD, cardiologist

I want to express gratitude to organizers and to Elena Obabkova personally for the wonderful congress. Due to medicine complexity and entanglement of various diseases, engineering solutions, made without actual clinical practice, are bound to fail, what is more, at the latest stage while entering the market.   

So, it is the absence of efficient dialogue between engineers, biologists and doctors that causes damage to the modern biomedical industry. Such events as M-Health are vitally important, firstly, to cut off “unnecessary stuff” at the early stage. No matter how painful it is for its developers, angels, financing such projects, should realize that technology is not applicable in healthcare. And secondly, to make new technologies, encouraging prolongation of life, find their place in doctor’s instrumentation as soon as possible. M-Health with its excellent audience is one of the best examples of vast cross-disciplinary dialogue. I would like this format to exist and grow.

Evgeniy Zhykharev
CEO, Mobile Dimension

MATE m-Health Congress 2015 became a significant niche in the industry health event sectors, bringing together representatives of health facilities and mobile developers on one platform for the collaborative polemic, discussion of advanced solutions and technologies in this area. The event allowed to determine various focus areas from market players as well as to hear specialists’ opinion regarding various issues and opportunities of mobile solution application and implementation in practices. We express gratitude to organizers, in particular to Elena Obabkova, for the efficient discussion.    

Pavel Shklyudov
CEE Public Sector Industry Leader IBM

M-Health Congress is an event format for practitioners, undertaking specific steps to improve human life in a quality manner and to solve healthcare tasks, which have been fail to be solved for years. As for me, this event is much interesting than scientific conferences.