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Eric Brovko
Social entrepreneur and founder of Moe Zdorovie online platform

Our common task is to change the culture of human attitude to their health and to shift to the preventive strategy. I believe that such events encourage the active development of appropriate competitive environment that is the main driver for the innovation growth.

Alexandra Orekhovich
Head of the “Regulation of new non-financial markets” at IIDF

“Quite positive impressions about the conference: enthusiastic audience, a lot of questions, professional assessment. Most of all, I liked the variety of presentations, both application-oriented and philosophical ones.”

Mariya Ashapkina
Exhibition Area Participant, NeFitness app

“I liked the conference organization. All the issues were solved pretty quickly, special thanks for this! I was impressed by the great amount of journalists who carried out interviews and even shot a video about the project. It was a great pleasure to meet my old friends and to get acquainted with new people. I especially liked that there were so many participants from various Russian cities. Lectures were dedicated to artificial intelligence, blockchain, systems for medical decision making support, opportunities for diagnostics and monitoring of human basic functions using smartphones.

Participants talked about the way to help people recognizing that their health was their own area of responsibility to escape their ambivalence and start moving towards the healthy future. Lectures by Eric Brovko and Andrei Tarasevich were quite interesting: they discussed personal control of patient health and revealed how social entrepreneurship could help the government to change Russians’ approach to healthcare. Mikhail Varyushin (Senior Lawyer in M&A practice) told the audience about legislative aspects of telemedicine and how to protect personal data.”