Post release M-Health Congress 2016

Moscow Hosted the Second Annual M-Health Congress 2016


On April 28, Courtyard Marriott Hotel hosted annual international event M-Health Congress 2016, dedicated to mobile and telemedicine. For the second year in a row, the event brought together leading physicians, doctors, developers, start-ups, major businesspersons and fans of useful gadgets and innovations. The organizers were pleasantly surprised to see a huge number of Russians interested in new technologies in the sphere of health care.

M-Health Congress 2016 considered prospects and possibilities of using mobile gadgets and advanced devices in the sphere of healthcare. The conference involved a panel discussion, where issues of development of mobile and telemedicine market were discussed.

Sergey Vishchuk opened the Congress. The representative of Gemalto delivered a report, "What do you know about protection of your customers' confidential data" and answered in detail questions asked by the participants. Boris Pastukhov from MedAboutme told the audience about promising area of application of M-Health. Leonid Bugaev delivered fascinating information about devices for physical activities, as well as about the associated frustrations and discoveries. Anton Vladzimirsky demonstrated the effectiveness of wearable gadgets using real examples.

The main thesis of the speech delivered by the developer of the first Russian smart wristband ONETRAK Mikhail Prepelitskogo is as follows: "During the first week, this gadget does not differ from a Chinese band, but further there is an analyst of your data, including sleep analysis." Pavel Pravdin told about the service of a personal analyst Welltory, "We do not try to heal the sick, we try to inform them that if they change their way of life, they will be able to live much longer."

Gayane Harutyunyan, a leading IBM expert, also visited M-Health Congress 2016. The representative of the world's largest supplier of software and hardware explained to the Congress participants what cognitive technologies were.

For the first time ever, the Congress presented the telemedicine of the fifth generation. Cybernetic Medical Systems demonstrated its unique hardware-software complexes for efficient remote treatment.

In addition, the following persons delivered their reports at M-Health Congress: MTC representative Edward Segal, UNIM CEO Alexey Remez, AngioScan representative David Tsovyan, CEO Mariya Dokshina, MobileUp expert Vitaliy Zarubin, Artics Mobile Solutions CEO Vladimir Barakovsky, Evercare editor in chief Andrey Tsoi, medical expert Oleg Kazankov, ONDOC CEO Alexander Konstantinov, EkzoAtlet CEO Ekaterina Bereziy, Myontec CEO Janne Pyulvyas and Yandex representative Gregory Bakunov.

This year, M-Health Congress 2016 was held in partnership with the largest in CIS countries summit Connected Car. Courtyard Marriott Hotel equipped a special expo area for the event, where everyone could test modern devices for measuring important vital signs, fitness trackers, specialized medical equipment, useful mobile applications, etc.


The organizer of M-Health Congress, Smile-Expo, thanks all participants and hopes that the Congress will be a kind of catalyst for development and introduction of mobile and telemedicine technologies in Russia.