Selection of health gadgets from CES 2019: part 2


Selection of health gadgets from CES 2019: part 2

Previous week, M-Health Congress told you about the first top six most impressive health devices from CES 2019. Today, we will introduce another six incredible gadgets.

Sugar.IQ: online glucose meter

Sugar.IQ  was developed by two giants: the largest hardware and software manufacturer – IBM and the market leader in designing diabetes gadgets – Medtronic.

have created an app that will help people with diabetes to monitor their glucose level within 1-4 hours. The artificial intelligence feature called IQcast is a part of personal diabetic app, Sugar.IQ. The app analyzes all things affecting the rise of insulin level: foodstuffs, daily schedule, and real-time glucose data.

Price: free of charge.

Opte Precision Skincare System: skin treatment tool

Precision Skincare System was developed by Proctor & Gamble Ventures. This device will allow to maintain skin health and prevent potential diseases.

Precision Skincare System looks like a tiny facial printer able to remove pigment spots and other defects. It is based on optics, its own algorithms, and printing technology for detecting and correcting hyperpigmentation.

The gadget system consists of four parts: two LEDs, camera, and printer. The key ones are blue light-emitting-diode scanning lights that maximize contrast of skin melanin. This is required to find unnecessary spots. Besides, the device is equipped with a built-in digital camera to identify the size of spot, and a microfluid printer syringes therapeutic serum into the face.

Price: not announced.

Pria: home nurse

Pria is a home care device by Stanley Black & Decker, reminding patients of drug intake, giving drugs (up to 28 doses), and operating like a video call appliance. Pria can monitor patients and remotely inform a doctor of their condition via a smartphone app.

The gadget is connected to cloud technologies: it uses Microsoft Azure and totally corresponds with the health data rules.

The system can be controlled by several family members or guardians with various permissions, but such a subscription should be additionally paid: 40$ per month. Pria will hit the market this year.

Price: $500.

Diapason: chronic tinnitus app

Tinnitus is an unfortunate side effect of some diseases or drug intake. To relive patients from it, France-based Immersive Therapy has designed the Diapason app. This smart software is available on Android and iPhone.

The app offers five-minute activities that should be performed three times per day. These exercises are aimed at sound or cognitive behavior therapy to make ringing in the ears less noticeable.

Price: $175.

Heartbit: ECG tracker

Hungarian Heartbit presented its wearable electrocardiogram device for the first time in Las Vegas. Using this gadget, one can easily develop an efficient training program for heart function.

The tool is equipped with a 3-wire and 5-touch ECG display, which makes it the most advanced activity tracker on the market. Sensors are built into training T-shirts. Heartbit’s intelligent algorithms are able to warn of arrhythmia, ischemia, and other hidden heart diseases.

Price: not announced.

BotBoxer: smart punching bag

A sports equipment manufacturer, SkyTechSport, also introduced its solutions at CES 2019. The company showed the world's first smart boxing complex. BotBoxer consists of punching bag and ring integrated with artificial intelligence.

The punching bag is equipped with infrared motion detectors allowing to control and analyze boxer’s movements. The boxing ring is fitted with an engine that moves the bag during sparring, allowing it to dodge attacks. The bag is surrounded by columns with motion sensors in order to simulate a boxing ring.

Moreover, BotBoxer can analyze boxer’s weaknesses and provide tips on their elimination, serving as a coach.

Price: $19 900.

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