Vyacheslav Gershov, Director of DTCI at Skolkovo To Speak at M-Health Congress 2021

2021-09-13 08:48:00

Vyacheslav Gershov, Director of DTCI at Skolkovo To Speak at M-Health Congress 2021

Every year, about 30% of diagnoses contain medical errors. Most of them are due to the human factor: lack of knowledge, misinterpretation, haste and fatigue. Medical decision support systems based on artificial intelligence technologies can solve the problem.

Vyacheslav Gershov, Director of the Department for Development of Technological Competitions and Initiatives at Skolkovo will share how innovative technologies can help in the accurate diagnosis of diseases.

On September 28, at M-Health Congress 2021, he will make a presentation on “NTI technology competition to create a technological solution for reducing mortality caused by diagnosing medical errors”.

As part of his speech, the speaker will talk about the stages of the competition with a prize fund of 200 million rubles, the requirements for the contestants, as well as the practical benefits of new inventions.

Vyacheslav is a specialist in operational and strategic marketing. Member of the Management Committee of technological competitions of Up Great National Technological Initiative.

He oversees the development of competitions aimed at overcoming technological barriers in areas such as quantum computing, agricultural technologies, unmanned vehicles, photonics and biophotonics, ecology, and new generation communication systems (6G).

For almost five years, the speaker has been a Business Development Director at SAP Labs, one of the world's largest high-tech companies. He also developed intracorporate startups at Microsoft, Norilsk Nickel, Sportmaster.

Join the conference dedicated to telemedicine – find out how modern technologies improve the quality of medical care and help to save lives.

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