Disease Risk Prediction Platform Webiomed Will Become an Exhibitor at M-Health Congress 2021 Demo Zone

2021-09-09 08:56:00

Disease Risk Prediction Platform Webiomed Will Become an Exhibitor at M-Health Congress 2021 Demo Zone

Are you a clinic owner or a manager looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of your healthcare services? Then attend M-Health Congress 2021 on September 28. In the conference demo zone, K-Sky will present an innovative solution – Webiomed platform.

Webiomed is a Russian AI system that has successfully passed clinical trials.

The platform automatically analyzes anonymized medical data and makes a forecast of the possible development of diseases and their complications at the personal and population level. Its goal is to support medical and management decision making.

Today, Webiomed can assess the risks of developing 14 diseases and 40 suspicions of their presence. Among them are diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, COVID-19, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, pregnancy complications, orphan, or so-called rare diseases.

The platform is registered by Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare as a software medical device. It is hosted in a secure federal data processing center and has the necessary information security certifications.

What are the benefits of Webiomed? It is embedded in any medical information system (MIS), where there is information about the patient. At the moment, the platform is integrated into the top MIS in Russia, cooperates with the leading pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations.

Webiomed allows healthcare providers to reduce morbidity and mortality by identifying and monitoring high-risk patients, doctors – to reduce medical errors, pharmaceutical companies – to improve efficiency and research, and insurance companies – to reduce the cost of patient care and insurance claims.

Join M-Health Congress 2021 to learn more about mobile technology innovations and their integration into the healthcare business.

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