Companies Participating in M-Health Congress 2021 and Their Representatives: Details!

2021-09-06 13:52:00

Companies Participating in M-Health Congress 2021 and Their Representatives: Details!

M-Health Congress 2021 dedicated to the prospects of telemedicine and the benefits of introducing mobile technologies into the healthcare sector will take place on September 28. The event will bring together well-known experts from top Russian companies who are developing innovative AI products and delivering advanced solutions for patient care.

Meet the leading companies that will be present at our event!

  • SberMedAI is the leading integrator of AI-based medical applications. The digital platform combines high-tech services from SberMedAI, Sberbank's Artificial Intelligence Lab, the CoBrain-Analytics project of National Technological Initiative and Skoltech, as well as the ecosystem’s partners. It contains applications and datasets to assist in making medical decisions and is considered one of the largest in Russia.

SberMedAI products based on AI algorithms enable healthcare providers to achieve high results, doctors – to make effective decisions and patients – to stay healthy. Thanks to their implementation, clinics optimize the processes of ambulance services, diagnosis and verification, combining advanced technologies and the experience of doctors on one platform.

Artur Gaziev, Director of Business Development and Sales will represent SberMedAI at M-Health Congress 2021.

  • Skolkovo Innovation Center is a scientific and technological complex for the development, improvement and commercialization of modern technologies. It provides a special economic environment for Russian research companies. The structure is often referred to as the Russian Silicon Valley.

The main directions are the development of biomedical, energy efficient, information, computer, space and nuclear technologies, as well as telecommunications.

At the conference, you will be able to attend the presentation by Vyacheslav Gershov, Director of the Department for Development of Technological Competitions and Initiatives at Skolkovo, a member of the Management Committee of technological competitions of NTI Up Great National Technological Initiative.

  • Webiomed is the first artificial intelligence system in Russia registered as a software medical device. Included in the rating 46 best startups and companies in Big Data sector in the Russian Federation.

The system analyzes medical data, identifies health risk factors, predicts the likelihood of complications or death of a patient and generates individual recommendations for the prevention of diseases. Webiomed enables pharmaceutical companies to improve efficiency and research, physicians – to reduce diagnostic errors and healthcare providers – to reduce mortality rates by monitoring high-risk patients.

Alexandr Gusev, Development Director at Webiomed will make a presentation at the event.

  • Botkin.AI is a platform for analysis and processing of medical images based on artificial intelligence technologies. It was developed by a resident of Skolkovo Foundation – Russian company Intellodzhik.

Botkin.AI system allows diagnosing and assessing the risks of developing diseases. With its help, you can detect oncology in the early stages and monitor compliance with clinical guidelines. The use of the platform reduces the burden on radiologists and reduces the likelihood of medical errors.

Intellodzhik was Russia’s first company to receive a registration certificate from Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare for risk class 2b. It gives the right to use Botkin.AI in medical institutions for the diagnosis of diseases. CEO at Intellodzhik LLC, the founder of Botkin.AI Sergey Sorokin will speak at the event.

M-Health Congress 2021 attendees will have the opportunity to exchange experience on the implementation of telemedicine systems and learn about the technologies that allow organizing remote communication between doctors and patients. Also at the event, you will be able to establish useful contacts with the leading representatives of the medical business community and agree on the supply of advanced solutions.

Join and learn how to successfully integrate digital technology into healthcare!

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