The 6th M-Health Congress Dedicated to Mobile Technologies in Healthcare To Take Place in Autumn

2021-07-12 09:05:00

The 6th M-Health Congress Dedicated to Mobile Technologies in Healthcare To Take Place in Autumn

COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for the growth of digital medicine. In a difficult period for the healthcare system, the demand for telemedicine services and innovative solutions for monitoring and maintaining health increased, and business owners became even more interested in the possibilities of mobile developments. All this opened up new opportunities for the growth of mHealth sector in Russia and attracting investments.

On September 28, Technopolis Moscow will host an event on the integration of digital healthcare and the world of high technologies – M-Health Congress 2021. The event will be held for the sixth time and will become the best place to understand what technologies are already used in healthcare, how they can improve the competence of doctors and increase the competitiveness of mHealth companies.

Event program

Guests of the congress will enjoy seven hours of useful content, cases from the best companies in the industry and productive networking among manufacturers of high-tech products, business representatives and the medical community.

As part of the congress, a conference will welcome experts with many years of experience making useful presentations, sharing their insights and answering questions from guests.

Event will be useful to:

  • developers of medical equipment and software;
  • manufacturers of medical gadgets;
  • owners of private clinics and pharmaceutical companies;
  • doctors;
  • representatives of government agencies;
  • everyone who wants to enter the M-Health market and learn from the inside.

The topics that will be addressed at M-Health Congress 2021 include:

  • Proven efficiency of mHealth devices and their application in practice.
  • AI technologies in mHealth: New opportunities for medicine.
  • Telemedicine services as a promising type of business: Cases of successful companies.
  • Digital healthcare and cybersecurity. Solutions for the protection of personal data and medical information of patients.
  • Digital solutions for healthcare and their ethics.
  • Targets for telemedicine from the Ministry of Digital Transformation: roadmap by 2030. How to achieve results and what regulatory documents to adopt?
  • Artificial intelligence as a tool for pharmaceutical companies: Application in research and production.
  • Patent of a method for diagnosing breast cancer by the level of mRNA TGEβ and TNFα in blood plasma: case of Russian scientists from National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology.
  • Technology as a necessary factor for the growth of a modern doctor’s competencies.

During the panel discussions, the following topics will be reviewed:

  • Development of mHealth in the era of the COVID-2019 pandemic: The use of digital technologies during the medical crisis.
  • Problems of Russian education in the mHealth segment: Training of competent medical personnel for different areas of healthcare.

Activities at M-Health Congress 2021 demo zone

A demo zone of the event will feature stands of the participating companies, where attendees will be able to see gadgets, equipment, software and other innovative solutions for medical institutions and the personal use by patients.

The guests of the event will have an opportunity to test the products, learn about all their advantages and discuss the prospects for cooperation with the representatives of the exhibitors.

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