Telemedicine in Dentistry: Artem Koltsov, Managing Partner at INTAN To Speak at M-Health Congress 2021

2021-08-30 14:08:00

Telemedicine in Dentistry: Artem Koltsov, Managing Partner at INTAN To Speak at M-Health Congress 2021

The successful development of dentistry directly depends on the introduction of advanced technologies. Thanks to the use of innovative mobile services, doctors can expand the boundaries of their practice, and patients can receive quality care, even remotely. How does telemedicine affect dentistry and what technologies should be used for successful business development in this segment?

Artem Koltsov, co-founder and Managing Partner at INTAN implant and dentistry centers will talk about this on September 28 at M-Health Congress 2021. He will speak on the topic “How digital and telemedicine technologies are changing dentistry”.

The speaker will share the secrets of scaling the dental business using telemedicine and highlight the main problems associated with the regulation of this type of activity. He will also give recommendations on the choice of services and software necessary to provide quality care to patients.

Artem is an expert in the digital economy with more than 10 years of experience in the development of medical business.

He is a Managing Partner at INTAN implant and dentistry centers. It is a network of clinics that provide dental services such as implantation, prosthetics, orthodontics, therapy, surgery, etc. He is also a CEO at Teleportho.

Artem is a Chairman of the Expert Council on the Digital Economy and Blockchain Technologies under the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. He is a member of the Board at Support of Russia – the public organization of small and medium-sized businesses.

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